Project Accounting

Project Accounting Solutions

Project Accounting by Red Chair Solutions provides an interface identical to Microsoft Dynamics GP allowing a seamless flow between solutions. A change made anywhere is a change made everywhere – in real-time.

Project Accounting with Xpede has the unique ability to provide tight control of project costs with exceptional flexibility. It tracks time, expenses and inventory for any size project. And it provides project managers accurate information for decisions that can positively impact the bottom line. Xpede allows for the remote entry of time sheet data through a browser-based screen.

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Microsoft Dynamics GP with Project Accounting enables you to maintain tight control over strategic direction, support resources effectively, and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Project Accounting connects project activities with company financials, provides extensive reporting capabilities and ensures accurate accounting and billing processes throughout project life-cycles.

Jovaco – Jovaco Project Suite is designed for project-oriented organizations. It has an ensemble of specialized software that is seamlessly integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. This integration offers a complete and powerful solution to companies regardless of size. Project Suite provides you the control to define the management rules and parameters for each project.