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Microsoft Dynamics GP can help state, city, and local government agencies better adhere to regulations and controls, proactively manage grants and budgets, and streamline accounting processes, all while using familiar tools and processes.

Do you share the following concerns:

1. Significant cost pressures from reduced public funds, budget cuts, and revenue shortfalls.
2. Running heavy, redundant, legacy data-entry systems.
3. Increased expectations of citizens and stakeholders.
4. Budgets that cross multiple business units and agencies — making it difficult to get an accurate and up-to-date view of available funds.
5. Restricted ability to track, route, and approve requests.
6. Rising regulatory and compliance requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics GP from RBS frees you to focus on improving operations with specialized financial management capabilities that include:

1. Interfund Accounting—Streamline and automate the transfer of balances between funds, eliminating the need to manually reconcile fund accounts.
2. Control Account Management—Gain a detailed picture of your financials by managing payables control accounts by reporting segments.
3. Encumbrance Management—Maintain granular control over budget expenditures and monitor encumbered purchases from any point in time.
4. Commitments—Enable employees to enter purchase requisitions online and track them as commitments against budgets.
5. Grant Management—Manage grants proactively, help ensure accountability to sponsors, and maintain tight control over project and funding success.

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Government Case Study
Client: Albany County Airport Authority

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