A Proper Installation Lays The Groundwork For Successful Implementation

Once the purchasing decision has been made, a game plan to complete a thorough installation is the next step. An accurate inventory of computer servers and workstations facilitates the installation process. The network infrastructure will include both the company intranet and internet requirements.

Given the heavy dependence on Microsoft products, the latest and current drivers for ODBC(DSN) and Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) will be installed to ensure a successful installation. Proper connectivity will be tested for all workstations to the server. On the server, Microsoft SQL will be installed and configured properly. This configuration includes tuning the MS-SQL database engine as well as locating the database data files and logs files to ensure maximum performance.

In addition to core accounting modules, any additional modules from Microsoft or another third-party developer will be installed. During the implementation phase, appropriate security will be set for all modules for each user and all printers will be testing for compatibility.

All applicable service packs will be installed to bring the installation up to the current release level. If payroll is part of the installation, the latest payroll tax updates will be applied.