Integration And Tight Controls Meet The Challenges Of Distribution Accounting

At RBS, we realize that many Distribution customers share the same concerns:

1. Inefficient order processing systems that lead to poor management and implementation of customer-specific requirements.
2. As retailers continue to grow, more technology
and integration is forced upon distributors. Are you prepared?
3. Inability to effectively manage fast-moving and frequently re-ordered items.
4. Difficulty managing customer credit and collections.
5. Losing market share due to cost and margin pressure from competitors.
6. Maintaining costly custom accounting software for extensive customer pricing control.

Microsoft Dynamics GP from RBS is designed to meet the rigors of the distribution industry with the ability to:

1. Streamline order processing and fulfillment systems with built-in workflow.
2. Prioritize customers, customize pricing and promotions, plan for changing demand, and make firm commitments.
3. Make important information available to your sales, service, and shipping departments, so they can efficiently respond to customer needs and accelerate distribution.
4. Quickly translate customer preferences into business practices — and meet customer demands before your competition does.

Distribution Case Study

Case Study: Upstate NY Distribution Company

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