Writing Your Own Success Story Made Easy

Microsoft Dynamics GP from RBS is the solution to continued succes in the ultra-competitive world of publishing. With this adaptable and user-friendly technology solution, you’ll stay connected, boost productivity, and be able to respond to ever-changing industry conditions with unheard of agility.

Do you share some of these same business concerns that our publishing and media customers have had?

1. Consumers are transitioning from print to electronic media.
2. Separate business units are using older, disparate accounting systems.
3. There is an increasing need to cut costs in the face of competitive pressure.
4. You need to track revenue and expenses by business unit (eg. publications).
5. Your existing software can’t accommodate larger numbers of customers and transactions, or a wide variation in revenue sources and recognition requirements.
6. Huge costs associated with support and maintenance from the IT group, coupled with lengthy system training for new hires.
7. Frustrating duplicate data entries, requiring multiple levels of data-reporting to consolidate key information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP from RBS is an experienced business systems/solutions consultant to the publishing industry offering:

1. Real time and online access to information, and the ability to generate reports and ad hoc queries at will.
2. A system that dovetails nicely with the needs of the publishing industry.
3. Business Intelligence tools that enable you to track and analyze the performance of separate business units and consolidated operations.
4. A fully featured purchasing system, including generated requests for proposal, purchase order processing, and inventory management.

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