Our Partners

Our Preferred Partners

ISV Products
Accountable Software Visit Website
Product: Anyview
Real-time access to data displayed in a variety of layouts

Binary Stream Visit Website
Product: Property Mgr, Email Mgr
Enhanced solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Corporate Renaissance Visit Website
Product: Changer for GP, MynSight
Change Customer, Vendor, Item Numbers and Data Mining

Greenshades Visit Website
Product: Mag Media, Payroll accruals
State Mag Media and Additional Payroll Accruals

Magic Software Visit Website
Product: eDevelope, Runtime
application platform, and business and process integration solutions

Marcil Technologies Visit Website
Product: Project Acct, Remote time entry
Project Accounting and web-based Time Sheet Entry

Mekorma Visit Website
Product: MICR Payroll, Payables
MICR check encoding

Nodus Technologies Visit Website
Product: eStore Solution Stack
eCommerce Software

Professional Advantage Visit Website
Product: Company Data Archive
Database Management

Solver Visit Website
Product: XL Reporter
Advanced Reporting software

Tectura Visit Website
Product: ReQlogic
Web-based PO Requisitions and Approval Chains

V-Technologies Visit Website
Product: StarShip
Integrated Shipping Solutions

Service Partners
ABS Solutions Visit Website
Service: Network maintenance and security
Network Integration, Installation and Security Setup

Ablebridge Visit Website
Service: Microsoft CRM
Costomer Relationship Management

Avalara Visit Website
Service: Sales Tax Service
Sales Tax processing service for Great Plains

Deluxe Visit Website
Service: MS GP Business Forms
Payables, Receivables and Payroll Forms and checks

Microknowledge Visit Website
Service: Computer training and consulting
Training, Web Site Development and Consulting

Unified Digital Group Visit Website
Service: Software Development
Software Customization

Vmware Visit Website
Service: Virtualization Technology Solutions
Mobile Technology, Cloud Operating System, Desktop Technology, Standards and Interfaces