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Microsoft Dynamics – GP

In running your business, you face a daunting job – managing your resources and business data effectively. To run your business effectively, you need a powerful business solution, but most don’t really match your needs – they’re too expensive and you’re paying for functionality that you’ll never need. Now Microsoft® Dynamics–Great Plains® gives you a solution designed to fit your distinctive needs. Based on its worldclass business solution, Dynamics GP gives you what you need: effective resource and information management with a price you can afford. And with Dynamics GP’s modular design, you purchase only the functionality you need.

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Small Business Accounting

Top 10 Benefits of Small Business Accounting 2006

Small Business Accounting 2006 was designed to bring small business owners and managers the benefit and understanding of their accounting and finances with one, comprehensive solution. With Small Business Accounting 2006, companies can share data and information across the business and across software programs; access important business information easily, allowing better business decision making; and increase efficiency, enabling better connection with customers—all this with the familiar look and feel of Office. Click here for the top 10 reasons to put Small Business Accounting 2006 to work for you.

1 • Start working right away.

Small Business Accounting 2006 does not require technical training to install, or accounting training to use. The Startup Wizard, configured to meet company needs, helps get you up and running, and ready to migrate existing data, right away. Write your first invoice within 10 minutes. Businesses already using Microsoft Office Excel or Intuit QuickBooks to store financial information can easily export existing data to Small Business Accounting 2006. Small Business Accounting 2006 has the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office programs you use every day—the learning curve is virtually zero.

2 • Share data across the business and software programs.

Integrated with Microsoft Office 2003 programs, Small Business Accounting 2006 brings the power of Office programs to financial data. Companies can reuse data entered in other programs, such as Excel or the Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client, saving time and eliminating data re-entry error. Data from Small Business Accounting 2006, for example, quotes and invoices, can be exported to Microsoft Office Word for consistent, professional-looking documents. Reports can be created in Small Business Accounting 2006 and then exported to Excel, maintaining all of their rich formatting, for deeper analysis and calculations.

3 • Make better-informed business decisions.

The customizable Company Home page gives owners an up-to-date view of important company information—daily reminders, cash flow, bank account summaries, overdue customer accounts, vendor lists—providing businesses the information they need at a glance. Companies can use the Cash Flow Forecasting tool to manage upcoming revenue and expenses by running different scenarios to pick the best path for the business.

4 • Break out details in customizable reports.

Company owners can get detailed views and analyze their business information with more than 60 customizable reports. An easy-to-use reporting tool allows for a wide range of modification to each report. Any report can be exported to Excel, while retaining rich formatting, for further calculations or chart building.

5 • Get a complete view of the customer.

Customers who use Microsoft Office 2003 Editions can put all of their customer account information in one place by integrating Small Business Accounting 2006 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update1. This combination enables e-mail, notes, appointments, and documents to be linked, along with financial history and status, directly to each customer account. Employees get a comprehensive overview of the customer account, and can respond to customers quickly and accurately. Owners and managers get added insight into all aspects of the sales pipeline. Learn more about Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update.

6 • Streamline payroll and integrate seamlessly with ADP.

Payroll and tax subscription services from Automatic Dataprocessing, Inc. (ADP) integrate seamlessly with Small Business Accounting 20062. The ADP payroll and tax service eliminates the need for paper-based time sheets. The offering includes tax reminders and signature ready tax forms clients can use to file and pay their payroll taxes. ADP payroll for Small Business Accounting allows clients to print their own checks. Learn more about ADP payroll services.

7 • Share secure, reliable multi-user access.

Up to five users can use the program at the same time, with support for high volumes of transactions and no limits on the number of records. No waiting for colleagues to finish an entry, and no shifting into and out of multiple-user mode. Work flows more efficiently because multiple employees can access business information that helps them do their jobs more effectively.

8 • Automate bank accounts, customer payments, and forms.

Small Business Accounting 2006 helps make banking tasks and processes easier. Companies can customize and organize customer payments, write and print checks, manage multiple bank accounts, and reconcile accounts and order forms. Small Business Accounting 2006 can also access credit card processing provided by third parties2, print receipts, and create customer credit-memo templates for future transactions.

9 • Keep track of transactions, sales, and billable hours.

When Small Business Accounting 2006 is integrated with Office 20031, employees can use Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update to create invoices, quotes, and orders. These can be linked to customer accounts in Small Business Accounting 2006 to update information in real time. Additionally, using Outlook, employees can mark appointments as billable and submit them directly to Small Business Accounting. This eliminates excess paperwork and increases accuracy and revenue from billable time.

10 • Use a solution that grows with the company.

Small Business Accounting 2006 is scalable to accommodate growth of the thriving small company. When the financial needs of the business change, Small Business Accounting can be seamlessly upgraded to a more sophisticated program from Microsoft Business Solutions. Learn more about Microsoft Business Solutions.