Microsoft Dynamics GP – Manufacturing Modules

Business Portal

Balance supply and demand effectively and gain competitive advantage by establishing a well-defined process for demand planning—or simplifying your current process—and improving the quality of forecasts.

Engineering Change Management
As markets accelerate, so does the pace of change. New technologies and new customer demands increase the pressure on engineering to make process and component adjustments that accommodate such changes while maintaining or improving efficiencies and profitability. Engineering Change Management helps manufacturers organize and control this dynamic process.

Job Costing
To help ensure business is profitable, you need accurate, current, and easy-to-access data about every costing detail relating to a job. Job Costing delivers this functionality to manufacturers by capturing all costs when they occur, and consolidating them into one location that’s easy to access and manage—delivering a comprehensive view of production profitability..

Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials delivers complete, consistent, and correct product information, enabling you to maximize production efficiency and cut inventory costs across the extended enterprise. By tightly integrating different types of bills and customized definitions into manufacturing operations, Bill of Materials helps improve performance, support time-to-market and time-to-volume objectives, and ensure materials are where they should be, when they are needed.

Manufacturing Order Processing
Track production costs in detail and manage work orders, routings, outsourcing, and work center definitions. By directing the entire cycle of order processing, you can build a business that is both customer-driven and profitable.

Materials Resource Planning
Material Requirements Planning helps you realize the control you need to compete. Deep visibility into material requirements translates into more effective resource planning—helping reduce stock outages, drive down inventory costs, and streamline the production process.

Quality Assurance
By allowing you to design testing procedures of incoming materials to meet your manufacturing process, Quality Assurance equips you to start with the quality of raw materials you require, and dramatically helps to reduce manufacturing delays, rework, and scrap.

Sales Forecasting
Whenever you bring together people to accomplish a task, communication challenges may arise—especially when those people have different objectives and backgrounds. Your sales teams and manufacturing managers probably face these challenges—yet effective communication between these divergent groups is the first step to ensuring product delivery that’s both efficient and effective.