BI360 offers modern, user friendly reporting with out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics. This easy-to-use report writer provides financial professionals with detailed reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats.

Collaboration for reporting

BI360’s report writer integrates seamlessly with Collaboration, allowing your organization to access, review and share new insights into your reporting activities. Now you can make better decisions, with better information, to really understand your organization’s data.

Detailed reports, drag-and-drop simplicity

Using an Outlook-style interface in Excel, users can drag and drop to create complete financial statements or operational reports without ever having to manually key in a single formula. The result is professionally presented in Microsoft Excel, Web and on mobile devices, and users can refresh reports on-demand and drill down to detail, thus eliminating the need to prepare and distribute report books.

Consolidations, eliminations and currency conversion

Consolidate any number of companies, automatically and/or manually eliminate intercompany transactions, and currency convert your data. You can also apply IFRS to GAAP adjustments and any other consolidation-related rules, including minority ownership handling.

Your reports, your layouts

The BI360 data warehouse is a next generation pre-configured and customizable data warehouse based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server platform. And it’s priced for the mid-market.

Take Reporting to the next Level

Want your departmental users to spend more time analyzing information and less time trying to understand data? With automated narrative reporting, BI360 will automatically write a narrative based on the financial results and statistical metrics of a business unit. Or, perhaps you want to find out if a product, customer or project is profitable? BI360 can perform the necessary cost allocations for you to produce complete Profit & Loss reports at any level such as by product, customer or project, providing complete insight to the most critical parts of the business.

Reduce costs with BI360 integrated BI Suite

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and analytical software with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training & support, less IT and consulting dependencies.

BI360 reporting features

  • Integrates with BI360’s suite of solutions, including, collaboration for a better view of all your reporting activities.
  • Supports Microsoft Excel latest versions and back to Excel 2007
  • Reports are launched from Microsoft Excel, the BI360 Web Portal, and the BI360 Mobile Application. When launched, reports automatically connect to the database.
  • Reports are available both as pre-defined templates or business users can design their own reports with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality in Excel. Any flavor of report can be designed, including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, sales, HR, project, AR, AP, fixed assets, inventory, KPI reports and much more.
  • Tree builder allows users to create and maintain a centralized set of dimension trees, for example account hierarchies that will virtually eliminate manual maintenance of report definitions.
  • Drill-down to detail from any amount in any report to quickly find the underlying reason for variances and exceptions.
  • Produce ad-hoc reports in minutes with the easy to use Composer.
  • Complete web-portal provides users with an interface to run reports on any device, including mobile devices, from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Automatically generated narrative reports give users the story behind the numbers.
  • Product, customer and project profitability reporting with advanced allocation options.
  • Consolidations based on your ERP system, and with unlimited roll-up hierarchies (trees).
  • Advanced currency conversion with unlimited rate types and automatic calculation of currency translation difference.
  • Automatic and manual eliminations
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliant, including audit trial of adjustments.
  • IFRS to GAAP adjustments.
  • Automatic scheduling and distribution of reports

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