BI360 Collaboration is a fundamental shift in the way enterprises can analyze, discuss, and make decisions about their business. With Collaboration, you can interact with anyone in your organization, at any time, in any location, to jointly drive efficiency and performance in all areas of your business.

Social Report Library

With the Social Report Library, you can read and comment on reports through unified books that combine reports from any number of your organization’s reporting and BI tools, including BI360, SQL Reporting Services, and more. More importantly, you can locate reports by exploring timelines and searching the report library, then review new or historical discussions associated with those reports. And because the discussions and timelines can be tied in with your company’s strategic plans, it’s a powerful tool to help ensure that your current results are aligning with the overall business strategy.


BI360 Collaboration opens up and encourages productive discussions and commentary across locations, departments, functions, projects, resources—even devices—to ensure the right information reaches the right people, to make the right decisions. Team members can engage in open dialogue, resolve issues faster, and drastically improve productivity in an inclusive, collaborative manner.


Finding the right people to help resolve business issues is quick and easy with Collaboration’s powerful profile tool. Search for and review employee profiles to see if their expertise aligns with your needs. Find associated information that may connect you to additional key resources, and “follow” experts that share information of interest to you. What used to take days or weeks to align people, discussions, projects and tasks, now takes a matter of seconds.

Increase Efficiencies

How much time do people in your organization spend setting up and attending in-person meetings? Searching for data in endless e-mail trails? Trying to recall conversations? Aligning resources and expertise? With Collaboration, you’ll spend more time on the core competencies that drive your business and less time on the things that slow it down.


The BI360 Collaboration portal provides an out-of-the box dashboard that lets you monitor all the activities that are important to you: groups and discussions you subscribe to, tasks and workflows assigned to you, the hottest topics in the company—all on a single screen. Your dashboard also allows you to join new groups, add comments to ongoing discussions, update your profile and more. It provides a global view of all your critical information streams in one place—how you want it, where you want it.

BI360 collaboration features

  • Discussions: Start conversations, update your status, ask questions, post a poll, share links and files or praise someone.
  • Ideation: Post and vote on ideas within the organization.*
Great ideas bubble to the top by user votes. Comment and collaborate on the ideas.
  • Project and Task Management: Collaborate on projects with internal and external users. Manage deliverables, time lines, files and more in one place.*
  • Private & Public Groups: Create public, private and hidden groups with internal and external staff.
  • External Networks: Invite customers, partners and other external resources to group or project conversations.
  • Document Management: Import and comment on documents in the collaboration application. Share thoughts and ideas around the documents.
  • In Depth Profile: Create rich profiles to make it easy for people to find experts within the organization.
  • Workflows: Fully integrated with BI360 Planning, Workflows are used for Planning Approvals, Consolidations as well as other processes within the collaboration suite.
  • Company Directory: Find and connect with people within the organization. Follow people, groups and project posts. Find people with similar expertise or interests.
  • Search: Robust search features to find information that matters.*
  • Business Intelligence: Integrated with the BI360 BI suite. Discuss financials and other information from the Reporting, Planning and dashboards. Collaborate on data from other BI solutions as well, such as SQL Reporting Services, FRx, etc.
  • Integrations: Integrate with ERP data from Microsoft Dynamics, as well as CRM systems and data warehouses to create complete insight from systems that matter.
  • Gamification: Encourage community involvement by awarding users for posting information, creating documents and other usage of the system. Users will be awarded badges and points, which will drive their overall collaboration score.
  • Mobile: Connect, browse and update your collaboration community using your favorite mobile device (Phone or tablet).

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